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GIS Labs, Projects & Presentations  /   Tractor Suitability Models for Sagebrush Rehabilitation

October 2005
I am currently volunteering GIS services for Utah’s Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR). I am helping the DWR develop a tractor suitability model for their sagebrush rehabilitation program.

My responsibilities include the acquisition of countywide datasets, converting coordinate systems, mosaicking grids for seamless coverage, developing the model's geoprocessing scripts and testing the model’s results.

  • Ranch Model - October 3, 2005 - This initial model targets suitable areas for tractor-assisted soil treatments by eliminating steep terrains and rocky soil types.

  • Updated Ranch Model - October 17, 2005 - Updated Ranch Model now supports the removal of southern aspects. This version is broken into subparts for specific geoprocessing routines.

  • Duck Creek Boundaries - October 26, 2005 - Communications addendum regarding boundaries modifications.

  • Duck Creek Model Testing - November 9, 2005 - Testing the Ranch Model and solution layers for printing.

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