Duck Creek - Testing the Ranch Model
Updated Shapefiles 11/9/2005


Duck Creek boundaries are used to test the success of the "Ranch Model". Several ground control points (GCPs) have been collected and classified by slopes and soils suitable for tractor aerator and disc treatments. Map layers created by this test scenario will be used in conjunction with USGS topographic maps and GCPs revisits to evaluate the model's success.

Duck Creek Model Inputs:

1. Soils: NRCS Soils
The soils query was modified to include soils being designated treatable by EITHER the aerator <OR> the disc (76 of 138 types). A second soil query identified soils having BOTH aerator <AND> disc suitability but this reduced the acceptable soil types from 76 to 62 types. Since the second, aerator AND disc query reduced solution areas and coverage for our GCPs, the "OR" query was used for a broader soil representation (See photo left).

2. Slopes: Variable Slope Analysis
The Duck Creek testing scenario overlays 3 versions of the "Ranch Model" by reclassifying acceptable slopes into separate 5°, 7° and 10° input layers.

3. Rancher's Boundaries: Duck Creek - Modified
After minor boundary modifications, the Duck Creek single polygon encompasses all GCPs and gives name to this test scenario.

Miscellaneous Data: A minimum of 3 DEM quads were required to cover the Duck Creek boundaries and for reclassification into slope layers. Additional DRGs were used for visual reference but not in the model's geoprocessing. Duck Creek requires the Laketown, Sage Creek and Leefe quads.

Geoprocessing and Duck Creek Results:

The Duck Creek geoprocessing followed the "Ranch Model" scripts, involving countywide soils that were queried for suitable types, countywide slopes that were reclassified for 5°, 7° and 10°, and the final intersection of the soils, slopes and Duck Creek boundaries. This animate GIF below displays the resulting coverages deemed suitable for treatment, ranging from steeper (10°) slopes to flatter (5°) areas depicted by the red to green animation (Click to enlarge).

Model Shapefiles Produced for Printing:

Updated 11/09/05
Projection: NAD27 - Size: 1.35 mb

Download Duck Creek Shapefiles
Complete - zipped

Download Duck Creek Shapefiles
Individual themes - zipped

  • modified boundaries
  • control points
  • 5° solution
  • 7° solution
  • 10° solution

Supplemental DRGs for Topographic Analysis

These Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) are collarless scanned USGS Topographic Maps that can be seamlessly mosaicked. Right Click and save both the TIF and TFW files into the same directory. TIF images are spatially aligned by having the corresponding TFW file in the same directory. You can add these TIF images like any other data layers in ArcMap.

Q0424 - Laketown - TIF / TFW (6.5 mb)
Q0425 - Sage Creek - TIF / TFW (5 mb)
Q0426 - Leefe - TIF / TFW (4 mb)

GeoProcessing Logs - Text Files (Python script results)

1. Soil Selection
2. 5° Slopes
3. 7° Slopes
4. 10° Slopes
5. Intersect 5° - Final
6. Intersect 7° - Final
7. Intersect 10° - Final

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