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GIS Labs, Projects & Presentations  /  ESRI Wastewater Junction Project

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ESRI Wastewater Junction Project
This was a sample GIS project detailed throughout ESRI's ArcGIS 9.0 "Getting Started" manual.
The objective of this project was to find suitable locations for a new wastewater treatment plant.

The city provided a list of criteria for a suitable location. The wastewater treatment site must meet the following requirements:

" Located within 1000 meters of the river
" Elevation 365 meters or less
" Outside the flood zone
" More than 150 meters from residences and parks
" Currently vacant parcels

Additional Site Criteria:

" Located within 50 meters of an existing road
" Within 1000 meters of the existing wastewater junction, however, within 500 meters is preferable.

ESRI. (2004). Getting Started with ArcGIS. ESRIPress, Redlands, CA.

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Steps in Planning a GIS project
1. Identify project objectives
2. Collect and co-register the data
3. Perform GIS Analysis
4. Present results

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